The Choral Composition Competition / The Evening of Spiritual Music of 21st International Choral Festival Cro Patria 2017.

We invite musicians / composers to apply for participation in the Choral Composition Competition at the Evening of Spiritual Music of 21st International Choral Festival Cro Patria 2017. The competition is open to musicians of the world, regardless of nationality and without age limits. Applications will be accepted until April 3, 2017.


At the competition applying choral songs are unaccompanied by the instruments and for mixed, male and female choir written in any language, the maximum duration of 5 minutes, 

with an aim to carry out by assembly participant of 21st International Choral Festival Cro patria 2017.


Registration is free. Each composer may submit a maximum of three compositions. The musical score is necessary to indicate the name of the author of the text (unless the composer is not also the author of the text). For lyrics that are not written in Croatian, English or Latin, it is necessary to send (Croatian or English) translation. Written music is obliged to take into account the quality of the lyrics. Priority is given to contemporary verse. The application must contain three copies of the written text of the song.


Each Score must be marked with a numerical-alphabetical code of seven characters. The same code must be indicated on the taped an envelope containing information and contacts composer. The envelope must also contain the composer's statement that declared the song has not been published nor awarded in other competitions.


The authors guarantee the originality of the compositions. Materials sent for the competition shall not be returned. Composer can propose choir to perform their songs. Submitting works the competition authors transfers the right to organizer to selected songs to: publish the musical scores, recorded on audio and video, transmitted via radio and television, that those rights may be transferred to third parties. All other rights are preserved by the authors themselves.


Compositions will be judged by the International Jury. The Jury 's decision is final and cannot be appealed. The assessment is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the jury will decide which compositions will be performed at the 21st International Choral Festival Cro patria 2017. Organizer will notify authors of acceptance by April 30th 2017. Author ensures that to the end of 21. International Choral Festival Cro patria 2017 the jury will not offer selected song to the public or put on the market in quantities to meet the reasonable needs of the public.


In the second phase of the competition jury will award three best compositions. The prizes are: Gold, Silver and Bronze medal 'Canticum Novum'. The author of the winning song (the song rewarded by a Gold medal "Canticum Novum") will be awarded with the cash prize of 500 euros and author of the song will be called in the Jury of Choral Composition Competition in the next edition of the Festival.

The jury will give a special award for the best new work of a young composer (composer born in 1987 and later). Recognition does not include a cash prize. Croatian Writers' Association will assign plaque 'Sanctus Anastasius' the most successful lyrics of contemporary poets. Verses published before 2011, the traditional verses and lyrics which are not written in the Croatian language shall not be taken into consideration for the award. 


Composer / competitor agrees to send a song in the modern computer  format (Sibelius 6 or 7). If the organizer so requested for purposes of printed or digital publications and scores of musical editions of the festival.


Unaccepted prize will not be sent by mail. Winners can authorized a person to take the prize on their behalf. The organizer will make maximum effort to ensure the performance of all compositions selected in the first round of the competition, but this does not oblige them. Send application and participation in the competition implies knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.


Tracks that are not awarded in previous competitions, which were not published and which are not publicly performed are sent in 5 copies of written exclusively in modern computer program for notation (Sibelius 6 or 7) with obligatory piano section at the address:



Glazbena mladež Split

Zagrebačka 23

21000 Split

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