Host festival - City Split


Host festival is the city Split, the second largest city in Croatia. The city center of Split is the old Diocletian's palace from the 4th century AD (under UNESCO’s protection since 1979), which makes it a unique example in the world. Split — a city with a 1700 year tradition. While the beginnings of Split are often connected to the construction of Diocletian’s Palace, the city was founded earlier as a Greek colony of Aspálathos, which is the Greek name for broom (Spartia juncea), bushy plant with bright-yellow flower that still grows on the southern slopes of the park-forest Marjan.

Split is an important Croatian, Mediterranean cultural center, second largest university center in Croatia and after Zagreb has the highest number of diplomatic, consular or representative offices of international organizations in Croatia.

Split is situated in the region of the maditerranean climat, which offers the gifts of mild winters and summer breezes with many sunny days. There is not hardly a day, even in winter when you cannot enjoy the warmth of sunny rays. Split has excellent connections with other parts of the Croatia and Europe. Daily ferry lines connect Split and Ancona, and regular and charter flights are available at Split Airport.